Renee Leyba

Renee Leyba

Office Manager / Staff Accountant

Reno, NV


Management Certificate: Northern Nevada Employers Agency

• Paid Tax Preparer with PTIN

• Jackson Hewitt Merritt Club
• Harveys Lake Tahoe Outdoor Amphitheater: Production Coordinator/Payroll Manager

Renee was born and raised in Antioch California. She moved to Reno in 1986 and has been working as a tax professional and rock concert production manager ever since.

Prior to joining Jeppson Tax, Renee was a Multi-Unit Supervisor for Jackson Hewitt, Inc. Specifically, Renee managed four Jackson Hewitt tax preparation locations in the Reno Area. While working for Jackson Hewitt, Renee became a member of the Jackson Hewitt Merit Cub, which is awarded to employees with over forty-six (46) hours of continuing education and over ten (10) years of stellar work history.

Also, when away from the tax office, Renee moonlights as a Production Coordinator/Payroll Manager for Harveys Lake Tahoe Outdoor Amphitheater. Renee manages the construction and removal of large outdoor rock venue stages in South Lake Tahoe, which are erected and deconstructed almost overnight under her direct supervision. Renee hobnobs with famous rock stars and music industry professionals on a regular basis, but you would never guess it from her humble and consistently pleasant tax office persona.

Last but not least, Renee is the mother of two beautiful daughters, one loving son, and Grandmother to four rambunctious grandchildren.

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